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Ames Goldsmith is a major supplier of silver-based products to the printed electronics, EO catalyst manufacturing, photographic, and health care industries around the world.  In addition, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Catalyst Refiners, Inc., we provide a variety of silver refining services on a global basis, with a focus on the recovery of silver from used ethylene oxide catalysts. Ames has a long and proven history of dedication to innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

Originally founded in 1860, Ames Goldsmith’s plant has been in continuous operation as a silver refiner and fabricator for nearly 150 years. Today, with an annual silver consumption well in excess of 85M troy ounces, we are one of the largest integrated silver fabricators in the world.

At Ames Goldsmith we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to meet their unique application requirements. To this end, Ames has become very efficient at modifying our standard materials to meet the changing needs of an ever evolving marketplace. We value all of the business that our customers entrust to us and regardless of your size you will receive first-class service and support from our facilities.

In addition to our silver-based materials Ames has also recently invested in technology to produce both copper and Nickel materials.  As we look to expand our product offering these materials will become an integral part of our product mix.

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Silver Nitrate  High purity silver salts for a variety of applications.

Silver Oxide Three standard grades of silver oxide to meet changing requirments.

Electronic Materials A variety of silver powders and flakes, copper and nickel materials for the electronics world.

Photovoltaic Materials High-end, high-performing silvers for both fired and non-fired PV applications.

Photovoltaic Materials Available

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